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    ''I believe I should explain, that I declined to participate in the meeting with the Council the previous month, as I feared infiltration and tried to minimize risks of my activities against MU being found out. Lord Founder can confirm that I have dedicated my full resources to combating MU threat to the city.''

    ''I also thank Blackfists for assisting our city, when it needed help the most.''

    ''My efforts to root out MU infiltrators within my faction have proven successful, though unfortunately they managed to escape justice.''

    Lord Wallen Membership

    I second Mercantile Guild’s nomination of Lord Wallen. His earlier reluctance to join the Council, shouldn't bar him from membership.

    Votes in Favor: 2

    Wardens removal from Council

    The Wardens have failed to participate in the Council affairs or assist the Council in dealing with threats to the city. Due to their inaction I propose the removal of their membership.

    Blacksage District

    I propose three measures in regards to the Blacksage District.

    1. Council confirms Blackspell Watch as legitimate law organization with power to police the Blacksage District.

    2. The University Daimot is placed under the administration of the honorable Lord Founder as University Chancellor.

    3. The administration of the liberated Blacksage Districted needs to be determined.

    At this moment the following was requested:
    Lord Wallen: administration of Dogma
    Southside Black: unclaimed
    Northside Black: unclaimed
    Dead Campus: unclaimed

    If nobody claims control of the neighborhoods, I will inform the Blackspell Watch, they are free to claim them.

    Law of Sav Altulus

    ''I believe as first order of business we must determine the issue of private property and ownership. Do any of the factions in the City ‘’own’’ any parts of the city? Under what condition ownership of property or control over territory can be taken from them within the confines of law?''

    Diplomatic Corps

    ''Would any Council members consider sponsoring a diplomatic mission to improve city ties with Merdallion Kingdom?''

    SGA [Open to Lord Wallen & King James]

    ''I don’t mind Lord Wallen and King James attending the meeting.''

    SGA [Members Only]


    I'll wait to hear what Gear's Chosen want the money for. I'm a bit concerned about their attack on the Mercantile Guild to deal with them without any reservations.


    This will depend on whether the Council or nobility would assist us.


    ''Let's hear the King out then.''

    ESGE [7]

    ''We should discuss the details of administration of the Daimot University and what resources we’ll put to restoring it.''
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