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    The EBSA

    Champions of Sovreignty
    Matters of law have long been decided by the courts. We wish that you turn the Warden over for trial at the Silent Courts. Consul Blizzardmarch will judge the case personally, and legal council will be offered to both the defense and prosecution, though outside council is legal.

    Is this acceptable?

    The Council

    Matters of the Bridge and Justice
    The fighting does seem to have stopped for now. I bring to the council that on matters of legality, the EBSA takes its traditional role of judge- with guilt or innocence to be judged at the Silent Courts.

    Lord Wallen Membership

    I do not oppose Lord Founder's addition to the council. If the number of council members is a problem, we will willingly give up our right to a voting seat as long as we may still be directly tied to the council- it will make the bureaucracy easier.

    Votes in Favor: 3

    Wardens removal from Council

    We agree that there should be serious discussion of this. They have yet to actually truly help aid any of the council's actions.

    Blacksage District

    1. If they agree to the proper training, following the regulations of law, and recognize the ruling government then we have no problems.

    2. We would prefer if no one organization had direct control over the university. Make it government owned, run and funded by the council and city. That way no one faction obstructs the rights and privileges that students deserve.

    3. We would take administration of the remaining districts, paticularly Dead Campus, to help facilitate the spread of total council influence, as well as expand our own network of field offices.

    Law of Sav Altulus

    According to law, everything is subject to Eminent Domain from the government- but the Halls of Final Justice and the Daisong Palace in particular are primarily government owned.

    Diplomatic Corps

    We would send legal advisers to instruct and aid the Diplomatic Corps.

    Daisong Palace

    The Base Camp in Daisong is still operational, to great cost for the EBSA. Now that Redeye and the Sifters are dealt with, may I suggest that we focus on retaking this symbol of government?
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