''I shall await Wardenís counter argument. In case they fail to produce one, I propose to automatically remove their membership.''

Blackspell Watch

''Then I request that ESBA as the primary authority on issues of justice provide their expertise to the Blackspell Watch.''


''I disagree. The ESGE has shown themselves as honourable and trustworthy men. I do not believe that they would obstruct rights of the students. While I accept, that the Council should have the right to intervene, if there is indeed a problem within the University, it requires focused and dedicated leadership, that Council, preoccupied with the affairs of the city as whole, wonít be able to supply.''

Administration of Blacksage District

''At this moment, I have no objections to ESBA taking control of administration of Blacksage District. Do any other Council members have objections?''

Law of Sav Altulus

''I propose that the Council changes the property law of Sav Altulus from Eminent Domain to a more citizen friendly one.''

''I believe the best option for us is to declare, that all legitimate factions own the territory they currently have in their possession and it can be taken from them, only if they prove to represent danger to the city and the citizens. This would include defining, which factions in the city can be considered legitimate.''

Daisong Palace

''What shall happen to the Palace in its contents, once itís secured?''