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I'm worried that I'm going to marginalize the other players and directly cause them to have less fun in combat. On the other hand, using WRT on someone else seems to go against my character's motivations and against sound tactics in general. Unless the "perspective" I'm missing is that I shouldn't care about the other players, I still see the dilemma.
As one of the other responses mentioned, you know your group better than we do. I know that if this was happening in my group, there wouldn't be a problem.

You obviously enjoy combat, and I'm guessing the player who made the charger does as well. What about the dex-fighter? Or the sorceror? Are they the type of players who focus a bit more heavily on the roleplay side of things? They might just not care as much as you're afraid they do (I certainly wouldn't).

Your other concern, about it making combat too simple, is strictly something for your DM to take care of (or choose not to take care of). There's nothing wrong with talking to your DM about it, bringing up the same points you brought up to us, including how you didn't want to, fearing he/she might counter the charger.

As for talking to the other players about it... I could see how that could be an awkward conversation. I think it may be less awkward if you found a reason for your character to talk to their characters about it. The fact that he has white raven tactics paints a picture of a tactician to me, and if he shares your thoughts about, say, the magic user buffing himself needlessly, he might do what any tactician would do and try to make things more effeciant.

In the end, it comes down to what I already mentioned: you know your group better than we do. Take our advice with a grain of salt.