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    Blackspell Watch

    We will send our trainers and legal counselars to the districts to train them on law and order as a supplement to their current level of, obviously excellent, training.


    Once we hand over the University to a faction, they own it. No matter what, it will be known as the EGSE's University, or The Jame's University- which is dangerous. Look at the Librarian- once a institute of learning is controlled by a single power it becomes a political playing piece rather than a neutral institute that a poor man or a wealthy man can feel comfortable in sending his sons and daughters.

    Now loans to help create new branches, like a law school or a theological school, or a business school whether separate or part of the university I am in complete support for.

    Law of Sav Altulus

    How is this citizen friendly? Honestly, if you give the ownership of the districts to the various factions you don't help the citizens, you help the warlords of the city. Is there really any difference between this council and the Helduit Court? The answer is the Court has real power in their districts, while all the council can do is ask them to follow the rules and regulations that we set down.

    I believe that these factions, including my own, are all temporary power bases which only serve to destabilize the city and its inhabitants. The Council, or the government it decides upon must take a strong stance as the true power of the city or else it will never be recognized as legitimate.

    Daisong Palace

    It is our hope that it will become the true center of whatever government, at least the legislative branch, comes to pass. That way whenever the people look to the palace they know that the government is in control and working for them.
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