to UON [PM]:

OOC: Well, I got the original message at 10-01 2:52PM and wrote most of the PM text (all except the parts concerning Project Earth) the night between last Tuesday and Wednesday. (Before the server went offline.) Even without these informations, taking care of UK/Soviets would receive priority from me after this last stunt. So it might be a case of suspicions aligning with evidence and similar goals between us.

TRHI would prefer to first finish the next stage of AM production before returning to metric engineering. Judging from past experience, we will need the increase in AM production to fuel any new attempts of applied metric engineering and CTC technology.

TRHI will reserve some ECON and possibly REP for investment in the media market.

I was not aware of any overtures from Amuria Technocracy concerning a possible alliance. Could you elaborate? Of course, it is no surprise, who would not seek help with neighbours like the Soviets.