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I disagree with you here. The Chameleon gets access to all divine spells in existence, and can apply persist to any of the personal ones. A dip into Cleric is one of the classic Chameleon builds, because you can grab undead domain for free extra turning. Aspect of the Earth Hunter+Bite of the WereBear gets you all of the important feats for melee and an ungodly strength score.

It also allows you to make one of the best grapple builds in the game. You stack spells like Balor Nimbus and Body Blades to do a lot of damage automatically whenever you are in a grapple.

The difference here is that you may want to learn spells while actually out doing things, rather than in ye olde magik shoppe. It is true that I can buy every spell in existence, but this is both cheaper and more mobile.
Then why not use early entry shenanigans with the levels before chameleon to qualify for incantatrix and advance chameleon casting with it? Being able to persist any and all arcane spells seems just as worthwhile as being able to persist any and all divine ones.