I think part of the reason your not getting responses is the distinct lack of fluff. While crunch is all fun and nice, if your making an entire system it is ultimately the fluff that draws people. While there are a few systems that are made to be generic and fit any kind of fluff you want, most systems rely on at least a general set of tropes that help people identify what kind of game the system is ideally made for and thus give them something to attach themselves to other then a set of rules. Rules are the soul of the game, but it's the fluff, or at the least the tropes and general non-crunch concept of the game that draws people to it. All we know about this game is it's crunch and that it has something to do with Americana. I think you'd get more responses for this if you gave at the least a short blurb about what kind of setting and game this system is trying to capture and...dare I say it...perhaps some minimal fluff.

Just my two cents. Take it for what you will.