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Then why not use early entry shenanigans with the levels before chameleon to qualify for incantatrix and advance chameleon casting with it? Being able to persist any and all arcane spells seems just as worthwhile as being able to persist any and all divine ones.
Other than closing all of the other options for a Chameleon? A persistmeleon can take every level of chameleon and still make full use of its other abilities. An incantatrix chameleon has to pour every ounce of its resources into prc reqs and the incantatrix only supports the arcane side.

Which isn't to say it is mechanically inferior, but a divine persist chameleon can still pull off the entire arcane list of up to 6th levels spells. An incantatrix chameleon gets to cast just those arcane spells, and loses all of its divine casting as well as the other chameleon effects.