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    Aaand...posting this again, I guess.

    Name: Strawberries, Strawbs, 'berries...go wild, I don't mind people mauling my nick.

    Currently seeking a campaign: Let's say no at the moment...but if I see something really awesome, I know I won't be abe to resist.

    Way to Contact: PM here

    How often you can post (average)
    : Daily or even more than once a day, but mainly in the evenings (GMT). I try to give warning when I'm away for more than a day. One important thing I feel I have to point out: I don't ever abandon campaigns without warning. I'd very much like if potential GMs/fellow players would use me the same courtesy.

    Type of campaign: D&D 3.5/Pathfinder and Call of Cthulhu are the only games for which I can confidently say I'm familiar with the rules, but I'm willing to learn other systems. I've recently started to learn Vampire:The Masquerade and Dark Heresy. Above all, I prefer roleplay-heavy campaigns.

    Types of characters: I'm open. I don't think I have the skill to roleplay evil characters, though (but I've been willing to give it a try for sometime).

    Sample character sheets: Kitra, my anarchist rogue, and my unusual paladin, Audric. Others in the table below.

    Old Characters: A couple,but I'll refluff them for any gaming I may submit them for, so it doesn't really matter.

    Campaigns participated in: All my favourite ones are still in progress. If you want me to dig up old ones, I can. Just PM me.

    Info about you: I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to pbp and roleplaying in general (I only started playing in February 2010), so it's likely I won't know the ins and outs of everything, rule-wise. I prefer campaign with an heavy emphasis on roleplay and character interactions.
    My semi-newbie status (and personal inclinations) makes me terrible at optimizing characters, so it's doubtful that the characters I make will be very powerful. I don't mind taking advices, though (within reason, I dislike optimizing just for the sake of it).
    Also, I'm very open to suggestions and criticism on pretty much anything, from my build to my roleplaying style. Just PM me and we'll talk about it.


    Character Game System
    Audric, human (ex-)paladin The wrong guys; Second IC; Third IC; OOC; Second OOC D&D 3.5
    Marcus Lumen (and DH2.0 version), sanctioned Psyker Ratcatchers; IC 1.1; OOC; Second OOC; Third OOC (DH2.0) Dark Heresy/DH2.0
    Gwern Cadeyrn, human cleric of Wee Jas Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil; OOC D&D 3.5
    Tajah Ignotus, Sanctioned Psyker (technically) Seeds of liberation, OOC Dark Heresy(-ish)
    Erich Schneider, Tzimisce doctor In Blood and Mist, OOC Vampire The Masquerade V20 edition
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