DM Post

Baalzebul pauses for a moment, and a low growl escapes the flat mouth. He pauses, and stares vacantly for a moment. Those of you trained in the arcane arts are quick to recognize a telepathic message, and a few minutes later the door opens and a pair of War Devils step through, Zorella standing between them. It seems evident that Zorella was "escorted" here by the two War Devils, but she strides into the room as if she had chosen to come of her own volition.

"Zorella, this drow seems to think that you tried to poison me. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?" Baalzebul's slug face changes between leering and scowling as he looks at the succubus, whose face has taken on a look of pure innocence.

"Who, me? Well of course it was." She pauses to look over the group, reserving special dagger-filled stares for Shep, Eltain, and Zyrr. "Though you weren't exactly the target..." She sidles up to the Lord of the Seventh, and plants a kiss on the slimey form. "I knew one so mighty as yourself would never succumb to such a foolish prank, but I had hoped to eliminate some of these pesky guests of yours."

Baalzebul pushes the twelve-fingered succubus away, but half-heartedly. "And what gave you the right to poison my guests in the middle of our deliberations?"

"Because there are some who should not be bargained with, but should be killed on sight. I was doing you a favor, great lord. Every moment we leave these creatures alive is a missed opportunity. Whatever deal you were willing to make with them, I assure you I can find someone else to do it. I want their heads. Name your price, and I will pay it."

As she speaks, she walks around the room casually, coming to a stop behind Pavick, and places a twelve-fingered clawed hand on the wizard's shoulders, strumming her fingers casually against the gnome's chest.

Baalzebul looks slightly bemused at this offer of "being willing to pay any price" and takes a moment to open leer at the succubus before glancing at Zyrr and the rest of the party. "Well? Do you have a counter-offer?"