The Shepherd looked up from his needlework, and stared at Zorella over the tips of his glasses. His eyebrows raised ever so slightly.

"Zorella," He began, his voice smooth and deliberate, "My dear, I think if you wish to be taken seriously, you should put on a bit more clothing."

Wasting no more attention on the succubus, the Shepherd turned back to Baalzebul.

"I don't believe we need a counter offer." The Shepherd shrugged. "What could something as lowly as a succubus possess that a devil of your great stature and rank does not have, and could not take by simple force alone?" He returned his eyes to his needlework. "If we're so dangerous that we need to be killed on sight, in her words, then I do think we're a bit more useful and more important than our dear Zorella here. Afterall, I happen to be the great Buzz-Buzz-Buzz, or something."