Journal of Zargodia 2nd overseer of Inkedbrush

During the celebrations after our victory I was informed by Luzahn that
our legendary metal crafter was killed during the ambush I found our best
weaponsmith, Kadol Thikutrinulon, on it.

I also started mining operations to find some coal so we can start steel
production and to make use of our siege operator I'm going to put a
batista in the tunnel for defense

and one again migrants come so lets see what they have
well there's a decent axedwarf and a marksdwarf, an amazing carpenter and
wood cutter, a doctor that we could use and, another amazing marksdwarf!


This could be bad.

the river has frozen over for the year so if anything trys to kill us it
can walk over there now

i believe our militia commander is a vampire, and not the funny sparkly type

this is Zargodia 2nd overseer of inkedbrush signing out!

so ya vampire any tips on how to deal with them would be appreciated
and i have also placed a mark of shame in my room as requested by Luzahn