I thought, "right, while I'm pratting about for ten minutes with my Pokemon games (as my niece left her DS overnight), that remind me, now that I've finally bred up three Treekos and three Charmanders plus Kabuto in Emerald and FireRed, I'll just spend twenty minutes and trade 'em through Colloseum to my LeafGreen, so I can get my Gen III Pokedex all but complete (and send 'em on through Gen IV and V)."

Got as far as trying to trade with FireRed, and found I'm about three Islands too early to trade! Fragdammit! So, got a fair bit more faff before I can get to that stage. Grrr.

(I think when I set my FR up - a year or two ago - I borrowed a mate's GBA.)

And it'll be (hopefully) another three weeks before I get to B2W2, as well (though part of that is because there are so few games this year, I needed to use B2W2 to out something on my birthday and Christmas list...!)