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    Default Re: General WoD Discussion #2: Its time to Celebrate!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mephisto View Post
    So I've been playing (or reading, or viewing, or whatever the verb is for a visual novel) Fate/Stay Night, and have realized that

    a) almost all of the things Caster does could be duplicated by a pre-archmastery Mage, albeit one with mastery of four or five Arcana.
    b) the setting of FSN integrates pretty well with the World of Darkness.

    Naturally I ended up thinking about how to run a Holy Grail War in the WoD. Servant summoning would use the rules from Summoners with some modifications to allow other supernaturals to summon. Servants would be equivalent to rank 4 or 5 spirits, significantly more powerful than average characters but not completely overpowered. After all,
    Rin manages to blow Berserker's head off once, nulls Caster's magic and nearly beats her to death, and a buffed-up Kuzuki nearly kills Saber barehanded.

    Current ideas for the Servant line-up:
    Archer: ???
    Assassin: Hassan-i-Sabbah as an Ascending One (Hunter)
    Berserker: The Beast of Gevaudan (Werewolf) or Frankenstein's monster (Promethean)
    Caster: generic mage of Atlantis
    Lancer: Dracula or Longinus (Vampire)
    Rider: Orpheus or Inanna (Sin-Eater)
    Saber: Saint George (gender-flipped, of course) (Hunter)

    Any suggestions or comments?
    I'm rather new to the WoD mythos (my first character hasn't even become any sort of supernatural yet), and don't know all that much about Fate/Stay Night, but Archer is defined by reliance upon weapons, right? Preferably long-ranged (though I know that the original Archer focuses on swords, he can at least throw them...)? I'd like to suggest the legendary Marine sniper Carlos Norman Hathcock II, having been recruited after Vietnam to serve in Task Force: VALKYRIE, and thus, even in the afterlife toting some pretty impressive armaments. Hunter, naturally.

    (I'd suggest Simo Häyhä, but his date of birth would indicate that there probably wouldn't be as much high tech to draw upon with him.)
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