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    Hearing bolter fire, but not directed at him, Setesh looked at the Word Bearers out from his cover. It looked like one of them had fired at the location the heretek was held up, practically unarmed. He had heard two explosions just now, one larger but muffled and one closer but in the open. Seeing smoke from the Leman Russ, Setesh assumed Katria had just succeeded in her task of taking out the crew of the tank. But the other grenade must have been thrown by the heretek at the Word Bearers, considering that one was now shooting at her, and the one who did not just throw his helmet up in the air was moving towards her location.

    With the tank taken out and the Word Bearers not as focused on Setesh anymore, this was the time to strike. "++Judging by the muffled explosion, I take it the tank is dealt with. Now we deal with these men.++" Setesh left cover and swiftly charged the one who he had just made take off his helmet, and left the one who had just fired at the heretek for Katria. Unfortunately, none of his blows managed to connect on the helmet-less Word Bearer.


    Full Action, Charge with Swift Attack:
    (1d100)[85] vs 80 (+5 for g-cm, +5 for Khorne dedication, +20 charge)
    Unnatural Weapon Skill (4) adds +2 DoS.

    Damage rolls with Pen 9, Force, Tearing, +3 dmg when inflicting Critical Damage
    (1d10+18)[10](28)R or (1d10+18)[8](26)R for 1 DoS
    and (1d10+18)[2](20)R or (1d10+18)[4](22)R for 3 DoS
    and (1d10+18)[10](28)R or (1d10+18)[8](26)R for 5 DoS
    and (1d10+18)[3](21)R or (1d10+18)[10](28)R for 7 DoS
    and (1d10+18)[5](23)R or (1d10+18)[7](25)R for 9 DoS

    Edit: Now that's a bad charge.
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