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[PC raises sword to Druid circle in front of the biggest tree of the forest]

PC: "O wisest elder shamans, perform the Ritual of the Flaming Blade, infuse my weapon with the power of fire, to vanquish Baron Von Evil and his minions!"

Druid: [wryly examines sword] "Seven grand. Take it or leave it"

PC: "But... I have no-"

Druid: "You some kinda retarded? Listen, kid, we got bills to pay, and we 'aint exactly running a charity here. Cough up the dough, or get out, 'fore I have Smokey here pull yer head off" [motions with head toward a rather fierce-looking Dire Bear]

The idea was actually to take out actual currencies and use some kind of material that would be necessary for the ritual to be completed.