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Anyone else notice that you run slightly faster now in BW2? Seems to be that way for me, for some reason?

Also my first Pidove was Modest. Second was Jolly. Which do you recommend on using, since Unfezant doesn't have many good physicals apart from the Fly I can give it, but it doesn't have good Sp.Atk to begin with.
Catch a Trapinch in the Desert Resort; its evolutions Vibrava and Flygon can learn Fly. And you get Earthquake, Dragon Claw, and Outrage on top of it!

So how does sending the keys via wifi work? Can someone with Black 2 send me the key for Challenge Mode? Also, does anyone have a water stone they can give me for later so I can evolve my eventual Eevee? If not, that's okay, I'll just see if I have one on White. Thanks!