Razel keeps examining the egg in front of him, looking closely at the coloration. "Strange....this is quite perplexing. he mumbles under his breath, running his fingers over the egg again. A Feebas, that was what the texture was telling him but the color was giving him different vibes than a usual feebas egg. It seems that miss Leena has quite a few mysteries surrounding her. But not all mysteries are worth solving... Razel thinks to himself, placing the egg in his bag, to give to Leena later.

Razel finally picks up on the que that he was being talked to. "Aye, I would not mind going around the islands for a while. We traveled around them for most of my life, but never long enough to actually go any farther than the port cities. And sure, I will look at your egg." He replies, taking the egg in hand and examining it like the others. I bet Stone will give me his egg to look at also... passes briefly through his mind, but Razel shakes his head and goes back to looking the egg over.