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Thread: So, is this a trope in fiction?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kato View Post
    Not too argue too much against it but I still wonder if this is indeed a universal trope or if someone can name a subversion that's not due to a aborted tournament.
    It's actually a pretty common (well, at least a couple of time) subversion on sport manga, of suddenly making the main character fight the supposedly strongest character. I can think a few of it at least.

    Maybe fighting the ultimate rival early isn't that common, but I think fighting the supposedly strongest participant in the tournament is pretty common.

    A few is from Eyeshield 21, when the seeding make them fight the supposedly strongest team on kanto tournament, Shinryuji Naga, as first match (it was supposed to be a HUGE surprise).

    They also fight their ultimate rival, Oujo White Knights (and their last fight ever, in fact), in semi final, and fight a previously completely never heard team for the final.

    Another one that I can remember is in Slam Dunk, where they also fight the supposedly strongest team and the winner of the previous tournament early in the interhigh.
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