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    Default Re: Pokémon Thread XIII: Our Ponies are ON FIRE!

    Quote Originally Posted by CoffeeIncluded View Post
    So how does sending the keys via wifi work?
    It doesn't. You need friends who can link up with you via local wireless connection.
    Quote Originally Posted by Othesemo View Post
    My blind nuzlocke is going well. I beat Cheren with, of all things, my Azumarril. I just spammed Charm and Tail Whip until he was at -6 attack -6 defense, then I switched over to my Purrloin. Went perfectly.
    Azurill, you mean? Azumarill is fairly decent against an early gym... particularly if it has Huge Power.
    Quote Originally Posted by Augmental View Post
    I never really cared for the "side contests" in Pokemon games - first contests, then musicals - but they didn't bother me because the game didn't make you do them. B2W2 has changed that for the worse. They could've just left it at showing me the movie that the captain guy made, then I could just leave and go to the next city, bemused that the entire audience was asleep for half the thing. But no, then I have to make my own movie! What I want to just have Pokemon battles instead of filming movies that are 1 minute long for some reason?!
    ...But, giant Tyranitar robots! Space aliens! Time travel! 50ft women!
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