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My problem with Synthesis is that it alters EVERYTHING. Plants. Bacteria. Viruses. Earthworms. It doesn't just insta-connects humans and geth. It destroys nature and replaces it with something else; it is playing God on a scale several million times higher than merely wiping out a species or two (and yes, I consider the difference in scale being so huge that galactic genocide is a "merely" in comparison). On the cosmic scale killing all the Geth registers is like peeing in the ocean. Synthesis is to remove all the water from the ocean and replace it with pee. All of it. Besides, how do we know it stops at the milky way? Maybe we are destroying nature IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE?

As I said, the more I think about it the more I feel it is abhorrent, for this very reason.
Then where we differ is that I don't think that altering nature is inherently bad. Nature is not sacred to me - it's just what's there without sapient influence, nothing more or less.