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Thread: Mass Effect 3.7: "That was for Thane"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zevox View Post
    Then where we differ is that I don't think that altering nature is inherently bad. Nature is not sacred to me - it's just what's there without sapient influence, nothing more or less.

    Yes, that is a fundamentally different point of view. But bear in mind I am not talking about changing nature through cloning or anything like that; this is an entirely different animal (no pun intended). To me, we are are just an animal among others. It is hard to put what I mean into words, but basically Life Is Sacred. Not Life as in a single individual. Or Plant, or even Species. Life as in the wider scale of things: Evolution. The birth and death of stars, planets, galaxies. Universes too. To muck around with things on the level as Synthesis does is... beyond comprehension for me, if it truly means rewriting all life in the galaxy.

    On a related note: I did lower the difficulty for 1 minute to Casual, and it suddenly became laughably easy. With both my teammates dead, I still could kill every ...... in that square. Suddenly Banshees took TWO hits to kill instead of five or six. It left me with a very bad taste in my mouth though, I might have to redo it, but it also makes it clear to me that there really should be a setting in between casual and normal. The jump in difficulty is enormous.

    I picked the Red ending. I am STILL not happy with the choices at the end (please note this was the first time I did play the game, at all, I didn't even consider starting it before the Extended Edition came out) but I can live with it. What is missing is still the ability to throw the Geth and the Leviathans in the face of the Starbrat. Anyway, I listened to everything it had to say, then laughed it in the face and killed the SOB.

    We might build new AIs, but they will not be harder to destroy than the Reapers, and we just beat those.

    I admit I cried like a little girl at the end (I am a sucker for emotional scenes) but hey, Shepard and Garrus will be able to get back together as soon as someone gets up on the citadel to find out she is alive, the Reapers and Starbrat are dead, and the future is bright.
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