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Apparently my DS can connect to the internet, but my Pokemon games can't connect to server Wi-Fi. What the heck? Anyone else ever had this problem? I get full green on my connection and everything when I try, but then it stalls out and I get Error Code 61020. I've tried every 6 hours or so since I got Black 2 to no avail. I'm pretty sure it's an issue on my side but as I'm using campus wireless there's not much I can do about that.
Shot in the dark, 'cause I've had a similar issue, but Pokemon Black and White use like three different ports to do trading, and if you don't have all three forwarded correctly, the game will be convinced that it can connect to Wi-Fi but then fail to actually use Wi-Fi.

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That said, Pokemon B/W2? They really like to give you a bunch of crap at the start, huh? It was like: BAM pokemon, BAM pokedex, BAM shoes, BAM map, now GTFO already. What, you want us to hold your hand? Last iteration it took a good 40 minutes to chew through the intro, this time, what, 10, 15 minutes? With copious opportunities to save throughout? Pretty nice...
Oooh, that sounds good. Can't wait to get it.

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Anyone else notice that you run slightly faster now in BW2? Seems to be that way for me, for some reason?
Ooooh, that sounds even better.