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    Quote Originally Posted by Duboris View Post
    Would anyone happen to have a link to a place where it vividly describes the behavior of all colors and types of dragons?

    Also a scroll of apocalypse from the sky is just silly.
    Draconomicon. Here is a quick summary from what I've learned over the years:

    Black: Vicious and battle loving. Live in swamps. Prefer coins in their hoard.

    Blue: proud and oddly lawful. Live in deserts. Collect ANYTHING.

    Brass: love talking. Live in deserts. Collects organic items (worked wood, paintings...)

    Bronze: Curious and love justice. Islands and coasts. Love things from the sea.

    Copper: pranksters. Live in mountains. Love things from the earth and jokes.

    Gold: uber-paladins. Live in hard to reach places. Love high quality art.

    Green: Politicians. Live on cliffs. Love trophies and valuables.

    Red: Extreme greed. Live around mountains. Anything that kind of has value.

    Silver: lesser paladins. Mountains or with people. Jewelry.

    White: Pure hunters. Anywhere cold. Shiny things
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