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Yes, that is a fundamentally different point of view. But bear in mind I am not talking about changing nature through cloning or anything like that; this is an entirely different animal (no pun intended). To me, we are are just an animal among others. It is hard to put what I mean into words, but basically Life Is Sacred. Not Life as in a single individual. Or Plant, or even Species. Life as in the wider scale of things: Evolution. The birth and death of stars, planets, galaxies. Universes too. To muck around with things on the level as Synthesis does is... beyond comprehension for me, if it truly means rewriting all life in the galaxy.
In other words, Nature, as you said before. That is a fundamentally different point of view indeed, one which I do not share in the least. I find Synthesis an interesting idea precisely because it changes everything that way. I have no fundamental objection to that. I would in other circumstances object strenuously to forcing it on people against their will, but not to anything else about it.