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    Default Re: Pokémon Thread XIII: Our Ponies are ON FIRE!

    Quote Originally Posted by ryzouken View Post
    That said, Pokemon B/W2? They really like to give you a bunch of crap at the start, huh? It was like: BAM pokemon, BAM pokedex, BAM shoes, BAM map, now GTFO already. What, you want us to hold your hand? Last iteration it took a good 40 minutes to chew through the intro, this time, what, 10, 15 minutes? With copious opportunities to save throughout? Pretty nice...
    I really enjoyed how the exposition was handled, instead of the usual 20 minutes of as you know-style teaching of the mechanics.

    The way the character's mom acted reminded me of my mom when she would make sure I had everything prepared before doing something.
    "Bag packed? Teeth brushed? Got your phone? Fed the dog? Got your little brother to his bus stop?"

    It was all very refreshing.

    I also like how Hugh isn't a jackass like some other rivals.