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To be fair to PETA by all accounts there high rates of animal euthinasia is because they are willing to take in animals that other shelters won't and have a habit of euthanising animals for other shelters and vets they think use the "wrong" method.

On the other hand, they would get much futher if they would just focus a little. Swinging wildly from "have a rescue dog not from a breeder!" to "keeping pets is evil" just puts people right off them. If they would stick to the kind of stuff the RSPCA do (Animal shelters, re-homeing, rescue, lobbying for basic animal welfare) and keeped away from the militant vegan "meat is murder" they would get allot more done.

Also, stunts like this make them look just stupid. Ash is a prime example of a good pet owner. How many times dose he get hurt buy his pokimon (Pika shocking him for example) and never once dose he do more than look exasperated? Aslo, I can't belive they focus on the pokiballs when they could have complained about it encoraging dog fighting.
You have a point, but still you have to consider the fact that PETA basically takes in a lot of animals to their shelters, then kills an average of 85% of them. They arent trying to find good homes, they arent trying to care for them, they are basically wiping out as many pets as they can get their hands on, and not just because some are suffering from incurable ailments. There are even attempts to get the peta "shelters" renamed to slaughterhouses, because thats what they really are. Its a place where animals go to die. Calling them animal shelters is pretty much a direct lie as they arent going there to be sheltered, cared for, or to find a home, they are going there to be killed "humanely". Thats not even going into the scandals that have erupted of things like peta employees dropping animal carcasses off by the dozens in nearby shopping lot dumpsters. Whats the matter guys? Run out of places to legitimately store the bodies of all the pets you have killed?