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It's OK. Animals are allowed to eat other animals. I'm pretty sure they aren't asking lions to become vegetarians.
And therein lies the problem (or at least, the biggest one) I have with PETA's stance - eating other creatures is part of the natural order of things, and helps keep the balance of the world. Humans are not above that order, as much as we would like to think we are.

Also, they're very kingdomist. When I used the word "creatures" above, I don't just mean animals. I mean anything that's alive, including plants, fungi, and microorganisms. What makes animal life so special? Why are we any better than the other organisms that share our world? I would argue that we're not, and assuming we are is just discrimination based on the fact that other animals are more similar to us than the trees and grass and bacteria.

Or maybe that's just me. It's probably just me.