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Thread: Why do wizards hate sorcerers?

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    Think of it like this: You've spent your entire life just to master cantrips, and this guy never had to open a single book to cast magic missile. What you had to work countless hours, nay, years to obtain, they didn't have to do anything. You think wizards are going to think that's fair?
    And the sorcerers resent this attitude because that's only true at first level at most. Experience comes through practice, and while Sorcerers instinctively learn what they know, they don't learn it by sitting on their asses. They do it through lots and lots of practice, but Wizards like to believe they just get their magic and won't shut up about it.

    Another analogy would be the self-made millionaire complaining that the other guy inherited his fortune. While true, at higher levels the analogy would be like the inheritor getting resentful at the fact that the self-made guy is still complaining despite the fact that the inheritor quintupled his worth on his own initiative.
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