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    Almost right after he had told Katria it was time to strike, she had jumped the other Word Bearer who had begun to charge at Setesh. Her attacks did not faze the screaming Word Bearer, though, as he had soon reached Setesh. The sorcerer was however able to skillfully parry his blows while his bolt shot missed.

    During his diverted attention however, the helmet-less Word Bearer managed to land a blow with his chainsword on Setesh's right leg, the sword's teeth tugging against his power armour's protective layers, as his force field had once again failed to activate.

    He had now to deal with two capable opponents in a melee, but that did not faze him as long as he was able to land blows of his own. With Vra'tzaen's humming starting to be hearable to others than the sorcerer, he swung the daemon weapon at his opponents. "Hummmmmm.....mmmmmmm...mmmmmmm!"


    Half action Aim.
    Swift Attack:
    (1d100)[63] vs 70 (+5 for g-cm, +5 for Khorne dedication, +10 Aim)
    Unnatural Weapon Skill (4) adds +2 DoS.

    Damage rolls with Pen 9, Force, Tearing, +3 dmg when inflicting Critical Damage
    (1d10+18)[6](24)R or (1d10+18)[9](27)R for 1 DoS
    and (1d10+18)[7](25)R or (1d10+18)[5](23)R for 3 DoS
    and (1d10+18)[9](27)R or (1d10+18)[4](22)R for 5 DoS
    and (1d10+18)[5](23)R or (1d10+18)[10](28)R for 7 DoS

    Potential Killing Will in OOC.

    Edit: Totally forgot +10 from Aim.
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