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Am i reading it right? Your DM is forcing you to play one of the classes you don't like at all?
Yep. I was pretty pissed at first, but then I rolled for stats, picked some equipment, and had to adjust my mindset. In most campaigns I've ever played I have been a ToB frontline übercharger that blasts in with a huge weapon and mows down the mooks so the casters can blast the bosses. Lately I've had fun with Artificers and Clerics, to the point where I could competently build a Tier 1 caster if asked. With this, though, I'll essentially be the guy who stuns the bad guys so the Fighter and Rogue can do the mowing. Different, but interesting.

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Hey, previous posts, lay off the new DM. The original post gives the impression that Uhtred agrees with him DM (both that if he were allowed a T1, he would break the game, and that he should play something else), and he doesn't seem all that upset about it.
I was very, very angry when my race, class, and backstory were all randomly pulled out of a hat and thrust into my hands with vague promises of "You'll find a way to have fun, I know it. Just deal with it. I'm DM, that's why." But he's let me play with race and concept a bit, so instead of a friar tuck sort of monk I'm a wandering shaolin type, so that's been a bit better.

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How much monk are you required to have?
Also, some people like optimizing characters/classes to the hilt, theoretically what could be occurring here is the DM allowing this guy to do that but making the class a monk so he stays in line with the rest of the unoptimized party.
We're starting at level 5, and those five levels have to be single-classed, with at least 85% of our materials from Core, and he has to approve the stuff that isn't on a case-by-case basis. He has already said that whatever we do after those five levels is up to us, so I AM looking into prestige classes. Also yes. I have been allowed to make lemons out of lemonade, in a sense, in that EQUIPMENT can come from anywhere. :)

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Check out the Oriental Adventures book, if you haven't, since there's fun flavorful monk-stuff in there.
Oh yes. That was the first non-Core source material I asked after. Then I found out he wanted me to be a Friar...:P Also, ToB has been explicitly banned. He doesn't understand it very well and wants his campaign to go smooth. In his experience playing with me, ToB makes things not go smooth.

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Also, side note, back to the Oriental Adventures bit, take a peek at Tattooed Monk. It *may* have been reprinted in one of the Completes, but the point is, the idea of a guy covered in magic tattoos fighting with two hooked swords sounds moderately to excessively badass.
It IS! And I'm considering it. It was just house ruled that I can enter the Shintao Monk prestige class as a Lawful Neutral, though, and that one looks pretty cool, too.

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It's in complete warrior. It's not the most powerful of PrC's, but it does have a certain coolness vibe that might validate as much as a 3 level dip.
I agree. And, honestly, Monks strike me as needing all the Cool Factor they can get, although continuing to level up his unarmed strikes, speed, AC Bonus, and Flurry are enough reason for me to stay within Monk prestige classes to do so.