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    Default Re: Pokémon Thread XIII: Our Ponies are ON FIRE!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mindfreak View Post
    So I'm planning on picking up Black 2 today.
    Is White and Black Kyruem that good?
    Absolutely. Their stat total is 700, putting them 20 points ahead of Mewtwo, and only 20 behind Arceus. It also has a base 170 in its main attacking stat, so with that and Outrage/Draco Meteor, if the opponent doesn't immediately outspeed it, something's going to die.

    Nuzlocke update, made it through gyms two and three moderately underleveled but with almost no casualties, (none in the gyms proper, due to fortunate catches). Burgh is officially the creepiest gym ever, what with the cocoons and the clowns and the eerily-remixed gym theme. I just beat Colress on Route 4, and am about to see what I catch. *Hopes for a Sandile or Trapinch*

    Cavosec the Dewott, L19 - Aspertia City
    Diabeetus the Herdier, L20 - Floccesy Ranch
    Faraday the Magnemite, L20 - Virbank Complex
    Nolan the Zubat, L20 - Castellia Sewers

    Hathaway the Purrloin - Route 19, died to a Pursuing Dunsparce on Route 20
    Unnamed Sunkern - Route 20, not caught, KOed out of spite.
    Hsowa the Skitty - Castellia City, died to a Pursuing Rattata during only its second battle
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