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I've done (shin shin toitsu, Koichi Tohei's style) aikido for about... four years now? I'm not terribly good at the whole One Point concept, and it's been a pretty serious limitation on my art.

I'm considering branching out a bit, maybe into some sort of european fencing or the like. I'll be off to college soon, probably in Portland, Oregon, and I know that there's a pretty significant community of martial artists there too.

Any suggestions for a second style?
You already have the 'grappling' part down, so probably a striking art (boxing, TKD, kickboxing, karate, etc) to round out your capabilities.

Fencing and other weapon styles should really be regarded as separate to any unarmed art you pick up as it's somewhat difficult to integrate them well (aikido excepted).
That said, if you want to do fencing, go do fencing. Unless you're intending to be in a occupation where being able to fight effectively is of critical importance, you should study what you like, not what makes you the most effective (unless you like being effective).