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I... I think you're getting an image of me that's the opposite of what I want here. I've stated I'm looking for a martial art for the exercise, the sport, with added benefit of self defense. While I'd certainly not discount the social aspect, it's not my primary aim, and certainly not to meet girls as I'm already dating one.

I merely wished to point out that there might be awkwardness of a sort that is utterly uncontrolled. And I'd like to leave it at that, as otherwise the thread will end up in a direction away from its original intent and into one that I don't wish to see it go. There's other threads with plenty discussion on that.

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Fencing and other weapon styles should really be regarded as separate to any unarmed art you pick up as it's somewhat difficult to integrate them well (aikido excepted).
Why "aikido excepted"? Is aikido so easy to integrate into weapon styles?

Otherwise though, I agree. While holding a weapon, you can't exactly use your hands for other things, which is what most martial arts focus on. Something with kicks could combine with it pretty well though.