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Thread: PETA releases statement opposing Pokemon

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    I know it's not what they meant, but on the subject of "meatless meals, this made me laugh:
    Quote Originally Posted by PETA
    The flesh of animals who fall into one of the categories of the four D’s—dead, dying, diseased, or disabled—is what often goes into pet food.
    I would hope that any canned food being fed to my cat is from a dead animal. Rather than a live one.

    One Food and Drug Administration (FDA) specialist says that the unrendered protein in food may come from heads, feet, viscera, and other animal parts.
    This is just stupid. I happily eat animal head, feet and viscera (offal). It's just playing to the squeamishness of people who'll only eat steak and is entirely irrelevant.

    Pet food has also been recalled during mad cow disease, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), outbreaks because of the risk that contaminated meat might have been processed into the food.
    Well, indeed. I seem to remember that during the mid-90s BSE scare here, human food was recalled too.

    That's just one paragraph. I'd read the rest, but my head is already bleeding from the number of times I've banged it on the desk, and I worry if I read the article any further I'll lose enough brain cells to start agreeing with it.
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