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Thread: Mass Effect 3.7: "That was for Thane"

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    Just finished up my first Collector match and I've got to say it was pretty fun. Scions and Praetorians are back as the elites and they are evil. Scions ditched their shockwave ability for a multi-grenade toss and are just as melee unfriendly as Brutes. Praetorians act like a cross between a Banshee and an Atlas, sporting eye beams and a rapid movement ability where they float a lot faster than they can walk (left one alone as it was across the map and turned around a minute later to find it in my face). Don't think the Scions have an instant kill ability but their melee range is larger than you'd think, Praetorians do from the look of the commercial they put out but I didn't stick around them long enough to test it. The regular troops weren't anything too special except the Abominations (husks) explode when dying, so letting them into melee range is a bad thing. Units can get possessed ala Harbinger, gives them a substantial power boost, nothing like a possessed Scion to snipe you across half the map with their Ravager-esk cannons. Seeker swarms are out and massively slow down your cooldowns when you get swarmed, and I think they might set up an explosion combo on you with dying Abominations, not really sure but something kept exploding.

    *Abominations explode like a Cain blast when they're possessed as opposed to their regular grenade level explosion, has nothing to do with Seekers*

    Played on the challenge version of Dagger and with a sandstorm coming in your vision is drastically reduced, dunno if this will affect things like Hunter mode though.

    In other news the biotic god has arrived, Volus are now in the multiplayer including the biotic, which while it lacks the Biotic Wind ability I was hoping for the description does reference Volus as being Biotic Gods. Seems that that list of new characters was spot on, looks like it'll be an interesting mixture of classes and powers.
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