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I am going to enjoy the heck out of that, I think. If I ever unlock it, anyway - I only got two of the N7 characters when I was playing last.
If you want the other N7 classes, I would suggest holding off on the new expansion. This will keep your d12 from becoming a d20, so to speak.

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The wiki seems to have a confirmed list of classes from this DLC, giving us the proper slots for each of the ones found in the patch before. Though it says only four are available now (it doesn't say which), and the others will be made available over time:

Ah, so I was right about the Turian Vanguard being wishful thinking.

Not that I'm against the concept in principle, but given that Turians tend to embody all the worst traits you could put in a Vanguard - namely, the mobility of a krogan without the durability, or perhaps the durability of a Drell without the mobility - I just couldn't see charging going well for them.