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While it's 'just' a kid show/game/card game/ media empire, I think PETA may have a point here.
A world where kids capture semi-sentient creatures to fight there battles for them is pretty messed up if you think about it, especially when you consider that, canonically ,there is basically no other source of meat, yet meat is seen eaten.
Any kids' show is messed up, if you really start hitting the moral panic button.

My Little Pony has an entire kingdom so estranged from the natural cycle of things they freak out because things grow on their own in the Evergreen Forest. Oh the horror!

Or how about enslaving AND eating sentient beings in the Flintstones? "Meh, it's a living", goes your steak.

And Donald Duck is a straight-out exhibitionist 'cause he wears no pants, dammit!