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    A frown crossed Terra's face as the man exited the woods. There was something up with this man. Nobody would just come out and goof around like this. They were all on business and each minute he spent here he was losing a chance to make money. If anything when he heard the blaster-fire he should have headed somewhere else since the ones nearby would be dead.

    As such it only made sense if the man was here to try and pouch their heads off of them. Yet at the same time, being by himself that seemed unlikely. She frowned and looked at Head Case before speaking softly so only he could hear. "Scan the nearby area for any hostiles. Ready yourself, if he even points that blaster funny gun him down." She said. A part of her wanted to just up and shoot him right there to not even give him the chance, but she suspected that would cause some problems with the rest of her group.

    After giving her orders to Head Case, Terra looked back at the man and crossed her arms so that her right arm was casually in his direction. She had holstered her blaster and drawing it would be suspicious, but it was reasons such as this that she had the hidden blaster. She subtly tried to draw the concealed weapon as she spoke. "Yep, just fellow hunters so you can holster your weapon so there are no misunderstandings." Terra says flatly.


    Stealth to try and draw a weapon, after that ready an action, if that blaster moves towards any of us or he does something remotely suspicious, Terra shoots him. She's paranoid.

    Also, persuasion/intimidation to get him to holster the blaster.


    Force point to add
    TOTAL: 13 (ewww)

    If I have to attack...
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