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    Default Re: Pokémon Thread XIII: Our Ponies are ON FIRE!

    Quote Originally Posted by tonberrian View Post
    It is. It's also a way to get more Hidden Ability mons, including females. (<3 my female Prankster Riolu)
    Well, that burns slightly.

    But I suppose, were I desparate for something, that's what trading is for, right?

    Edit: On the other hand, an examination of currently available hidden abilities shows there's nothing I would want that's an improvement over the normal abilities that I can't already get. (As I really am not that bothered about legendaries, aside from obtaining them.) And the hidden abilities I would really kill for (Speed Boost Blaziken? Hells yes!) are on non-breedable promotion Pokemon anyway.

    So, yeah. Not losin' anything there. I can gets me my Skill Trick Cinccino from the grottos, so I'm good...

    Also, why in the merry hay do so many otherwise fairly good Pokemon (Houndour, Aerodactyl, Haxorus, Ty-fricking-ranitar?!) have unnerve as a Hidden Ability? Are berries really that prevelent in the meta-game...?
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