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Ah, so I was right about the Turian Vanguard being wishful thinking.

Not that I'm against the concept in principle, but given that Turians tend to embody all the worst traits you could put in a Vanguard - namely, the mobility of a krogan without the durability, or perhaps the durability of a Drell without the mobility - I just couldn't see charging going well for them.
Turians come in third in terms of durability, behind only Krogan and Batarians. They're a perfectly good choice for a Vanguard.

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Heavy mods are out, and fire/cryo combo's don't require death anymore.
That is crazy. Easy cryo combos means icing large groups of enemies quickly, and if memory serves fire combos are more powerful than biotic ones without detonate. That is going to make tech powers much more potent.