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    Default Re: Pokémon Thread XIII: Our Ponies are ON FIRE!

    Quote Originally Posted by Aotrs Commander View Post
    I'm sort of guessing that the Dream Radar is one of them new-fangled things us out in the stix with an ancient, old regular DS are going to be missing out on, yes?

    (Not that I really care all that much about different Pokemon forms in the first place, mind.)
    Yeah... it's why even though I'll probably get one of the new Pokémon games soon-ish so I don't miss out on Genesect, I won't really be doing all the online stuff with it until I can get a 3DS, so the friend codes and all that won't change. (Speaking thereof, the OP has been updated to reflect the release of BW2, though I don't have any V2 Friend Codes yet)
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