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    "My soul is Hell's, unless I can recover it somehow. But I wouldn't want to make a deal and get my soul back, only to once again forfeit it to you." Derision drips from Asheroth's words. "But this is beside the point. She," Ash indicates the pathetic succubus cringing on the floor, "obviously didn't care about your welfare. Though she intimated that she wouldn't have expected you to succumb to the poison, and that it was merely meant to dispatch some of the here seated, I wonder if your immediate question to Zyrrdellin might have been more apt an inquiry than your last. What demon-lord would be foolish enough to poison you? The culprit at hand--Zorella, did you say your name was?--the Right Hand of Grazz't, did not deny the act. It seems you may have your demon lord. Yet you do not seem phased by the mention of the Demon Prince's name. The traitor. Technically she is on your side? How could you ever say that a servant of a Demon Prince is an ally?" Ash raises an eyebrow.

    "Had I but known that she was a demon loyalist, I would have killed her myself. I still have half a mind to finish the job. I am a demon-hunter after all."
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