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Yes, as far as I can tell. As for the not being able to take cover thing? What's waist high for a human is at head level for them. I'd probably want to use guns like the Acolyte and the Falcon with a Volus; any gun that can arc.
Called it!

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Dodge roll is substantially less important when you've got Biotic Charge. Invincibility and instant shield recharge tends to make up for that. And honestly, in my experience with the Turian Sentinel and Krogan Vanguard, it's not that big of a deal at all when you've got high defenses to begin with. You just get used to running a lot when you need to change positions quickly.

Aye. Also, having both good shields, and DR slightly better than just high shields, especially when you get down to health. With Stronghold package, Tech armor and Fitness, I can hit somewhere in the functional 3,500 range; Unlike fitness, the 50% DR functionally increases ALL shield boosts, even those gained from gear. A cyclonic modulator and stronghold bring me to 2325 shields, an effective 3487 after 50% markup. Being a turian isn't so bad just because you can't get out of the way, just bring the heat - They can't dodge while shooting you, either.