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Dodge roll is substantially less important when you've got Biotic Charge. Invincibility and instant shield recharge tends to make up for that. And honestly, in my experience with the Turian Sentinel and Krogan Vanguard, it's not that big of a deal at all when you've got high defenses to begin with. You just get used to running a lot when you need to change positions quickly.

I still call balderdash. Post-charge, a backflip or sideflip is the quickest way to get out of dangerous synch-kill territory - a Banshee's grab or Phantom's impale don't care how full your shields are. And while you can mostly avoid these by charging from behind, it's by no means guaranteed, especially on higher difficulties where one of the problem units can be hiding (or suddenly appear, in a Banshee's case) in the midst of the cluster you were targeting.

Then there's surviving after the charge. Yeah, you have full shields, but once the invincibility frames go away, you're very likely out in the open and taking fire. A Krogan can soak up nightmarish amounts of that to get to cover. while drell/N7/Asari can use a series of short hops to get away, and the human of course can get an extra stagger in (as well as having his own roll.) Turians... not so much.

It's not so much that I think they're made of tissue. I know Turians are good. It's just that, if I want to be tough-Vanguard, there's a better option, and if I want to be speedy-Vanguard, there's a better option, and if I want to be mage-Vanguard, there's a better option. I don't really see a place for them.