Well, an update on my progress. I've started the third month with no further casualties, though injuries are becoming more common. I've just done my first mission against a landing UFO, which was a resounding success, despite a couple of bad injuries.

My team has grown substantially, and now consists of:
Captain Chie Satonaka, "Carnivore." Assault-class female.

Lieutenant Kanji Tatsumi, "Beefcake." Heavy-class male.
Lieutenant 5th-Gen Labrys, "Steel." Heavy-class female.
Lieutenant Yosuke Hanamura, "Ressentiment." Sniper-class male.

Seargent Akihiko Sanada, "Two-Fist." Support-class male.
Seargent Shinjiro Aragaki, "Gourmet." Heavy-class male.
Seargent Yukiko Amagi, "Snow Black." Support-class female.
Seargent Yukari Takeba, "Gale." Sniper-class female.

Squaddie Junpei Iori. Heavy-class male.
Squaddie Rise Kujikawa. Support-class female.

As far as Persona characters goes, I'm running out of ones to use. I don't think Ken or Koromaru work, being a kid and a dog, so that leaves only a handful, and since I'm only assigning them to classes that I think are appropriate, and most are female... well, I'll dipping into other things to base my characters on soon I think.

Yeah, still rather unbalanced in classes overall. Chie is still my only Assault trooper, so she's been in almost every mission I've done (all save when she was injured), thus being my highest-ranked unit easily. She's been insanely useful though, with run-and-gun being a fantastic skill all around, and lightning reflexes allowing me to waste enemy overwatches harmlessly, so I really want the game to cough up another Assault-class unit for me. Meanwhile, I have four heavies, three supports, and only two snipers. Guess I need to get back to training those recruits...

I've gotten another satellite uplink up, and have two more satellites in development, so hopefully that'll be up and running soon. Which is good, because a few countries are getting up there in panic levels (India is a particular worry at 4, and I have five others at 3). However, all this construction I'm doing is drastically increasing my upkeep, a consequently cutting the amount of spending money I get from the council. And I'll need another aircraft or two once those satellites go up. I'm beginning to see what a balancing act this game can really be.