Oh great and wise forum, I come to you for advice and suggestions.

Let me preface this by saying I grew up a Nintendo person (I got my start on the SNES). This means that I had little exposure to games from other systems, unfortunately. However, as I grew older, I began to have an interest in games not Nintendo, but because I was such a diehard fan, I never purchased any other system. This has recently changed.

So here are the things I'm requesting advice and suggestions on.

0) To clarify the types of games I like/dislike:
-Tactical RPG
-SOME Fighting games
-SOME Party games
-Fantasy Genre games
-Games with engaging stories
-Western RPGs like Oblivion, Fallout, and so on
-Anything set in the real world
-Anything Vehicle-related (except for some racing games)
-Anything rated M

1) PS2-related.
A couple Januaries ago I purchased a PS2. I now have a grand total of 5 games for it. I know that there were a ton of good PS2 games (and probably some great PS1 games too) but because I'm bad with my memory and never paid a ton of attention, I don't know what any of them are. I'd like to expand my collection.

I already own (and have the following assessments of):
-Tales of Legendia ( story, gameplay)
-Tales of the Abyss ()
-Radiata Stories ()
-Arc Rise Fantasia ( story and gameplay, voice acting)
Have played and may purchase:
-FFX ()

2) XBox360-related.
I hated Microsoft for entering the console market so much. They stole Rare, d*** it. However, Tales of Vesperia () is only on XBox360. I own the game and have been playing it on a friend's system, but I won't have that opportunity forever. So... I want to purchase a system, in all likelihood just for that one game. I would need to transfer save data from my friend's system to my hypothetical one.

So my question is this: what XBox360 should I get? What model would be best in terms of reliability? Price? Ease of transferring data? What about used versus new? What problems might arise with one system or another that I should be wary of when purchasing a used system, or should I spring for a new one? Is buying a used one some random dude is selling for 100 bucks a super bad move, or is it more reasonable than buying a used one from Gamestop or G2K for only 30-50 bucks cheaper than a new one?

Are there any other games that fit my "likes" that I might be interested in for the XBox360 that should influence my console choice?

3) PS3-related.
Obviously, there are PS3 games which are cool. Including Tales of Graces f, which I have not played. In order to play it, I would need the system. Obviously. Anyway, my questions here are much the same as my questions for the XBox360. Also, add onto that my request for game suggestions like I have for the PS2.

Thank you for your help!