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    Quote Originally Posted by Kneenibble View Post
    We birds of the flightless variety have no great love for our earthbound cousins. You may eat them as you desire.

    But if I see you biting so much as a squab, then God help you, ruminant

    I just sent a friend request. I probably put the wrong thing because I am a bumblepuppy.

    edit Apropos Hark, a vagrant link
    Turkeys can fly? I thought they... Kinda flapped around. Most of them are too fat to manage flight, now. Especially when it nears the End of the Warm Season.

    *eats a face*

    i see no requeeeeeeest. Can you join the chat channel thingey? theres a button you can clickey on if you can see the persons profile or something. *grumble at the lameosity of battlemets*

    Edit: Atlanteannibble shipshipship
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    Can only thank GitP for being so good for so long.
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    If it helps, think of me as the Agent from Serenity. Just not that good a fighter. Also, I have a mustache.
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    I'm probably hilarious far off, aren't I?
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    This is not... the greatest story Tolkien ever wrote. No... This is just a tribute.
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    don't feed the troll...

    A pile of thanks piled on other thanks to Teddy for photorealistic avatar.