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    Quote Originally Posted by AtlanteanTroll View Post
    Us birds of a feather must flock together, musn't we, Kneeb?
    And you flock the best, mi Passer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Coidzor View Post
    Now to recall whether squab is crow or seagull.

    Neither of which seems pleasant.

    Especially because crows are smart enough to recognize us and plan for revenge...
    Squab is young pigeon. Yes, let us continue our uneasy truce with the corvids... pigeons strut about with an expression of constant amazement, unaware.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mutant Sheep View Post
    Turkeys can fly? I thought they... Kinda flapped around. Most of them are too fat to manage flight, now. Especially when it nears the End of the Warm Season.

    *eats a face*

    i see no requeeeeeeest. Can you join the chat channel thingey? theres a button you can clickey on if you can see the persons profile or something. *grumble at the lameosity of battlemets*

    Edit: Atlanteannibble shipshipship
    I am there.

    I made a big waffled typo. It has been corrected. Turkeys are flightless, not budgie-wudgies.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dimonite View Post
    Squab's a pigeon, isn't it? A tender, moist, mouthwateringly delicious pigeon... not that I would ever eat one. Because I have respect for my avian friends.
    *shifty eyes*

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